Public Policy & Regulation

We provide rigorous and comprehensible economic analysis to companies, government agencies, NGOs, and law firms. We deliver critical insights for corporate decision-making processes, public policy debates, and expert testimony in legal proceedings.

Preparation of pre-feasibility studies and design of public policies, impact assessment, evaluation of processes and implementation, financing, projections.

Risk assessment from current regulatory compliance, estimation of impacts from legal modifications, regulatory design, tariffs, privatizations.

Impact of new competitors entering the markets in which our clients operate, demand estimations or projections, analysis of profit from discounts and promotions, evaluation of mergers or strategic alliances.

Forecasting of key variables and statistical analysis for antitrust cases or in various areas such as employment, health, commodity prices, or economic regulation, among others.

Economic support and expertise for organizations. Whether it’s ongoing advisory, sporadic consultations, or establishing a dedicated research department, we ensure to meet the need for ad-hoc, concise, and practical studies that contribute to decision-making.