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FK Economics

First Ibero-American economic consulting firm specialized in litigation and arbitration in the region. We provide rigor and pragmatism in the economic analysis of cases.

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Regional expertise

We provide a unique combination of cutting-edge analysis standards with a clear understanding of local nuances and contexts to address our clients' complex challenges.

Rigor and Pragmatism

We add value with seriousness and professionalism in the economic analysis of cases, joining the team of lawyers/arbitrators and understanding the challenge as a whole, but without losing our independence.

Sophistication in arguments

We support the growing specialization of arbitrations and litigation by collaborating with globally recognized (o world-renowned) multidisciplinary specialists and consultants, employing innovative approaches, and anticipating international trends and standards.

Available for a
variety of industries

Our services

Over the course of more than 10 years, we have collaborated with the most prominent law firms in Ibero-America, which has allowed us to earn recognition from publications such as Who's Who Legal and Leaders League, among others.

Antritrust and Competition

• Litigation (abuse of dominant position, collusion, predatory pricing, vertical restraints, among others).
• Compliance programs
• Mergers
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Litigation and Arbitration

• Damage Assessment (loss of profits, additional expenses, moral damages)
• Price adjustments
• Valuations
• Liquidations and bankruptcies
• Loss of opportunity
• Pass-through
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