We offer support in litigation to be able to analyze behaviors such as abuses from a dominant position, agreements or concerted practices (collusion), market concentration, vertical restraints or predatory pricing, damage estimates. We also team up with lawyers and work on the preparation of compliance programs and preventive issues related to antitrust cases.

Quantum of Damages

Antitrust, valuation of companies, effects of regulatory changes, intellectual property, solvency and bankruptcy, credit crises, financial assets, environmental pollution, loss of profits and emerging damage.

Investigations by Regulatory Authorities (Superintendence of Insurance, Superintendence of Pensions, Internal Revenue Service, among others)

Manipulation of the stock markets, transactions with the use of privileged information, tax fraud, internal or accounting fraud, case studies of events.

Class action

Assessment of the relevance of economic evidence required to carry out class action, identification of the material differences between the plaintiffs, feasibility analysis in the estimation of individual damages.

National and international arbitration

Economic analysis, valuable opinions, damage assessment, regulatory opinions and testimonies in arbitrations.

International Trade

International trade disputes may require specialized economic support, whether in dumping cases, state subsidies, safeguard, etc. We also carry out economic evaluations of the effects of international trade policies and modifications in specific companies or industries.


Quantitative analysis to help constituents, contractors, lawyers and arbitrators in the processing and resolution of claims, during and after the execution of a project. Prevention and management strategies in dealing with conflicts and controversies.


We provide support in administrative inspection and sanction processes, as well as in environmental litigation and arbitration. Economic reports, critical review of methodology and information used by the examiner when determining fines.